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Silver soldering process

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Silver solder is a soldering material based on silver,silver solder has Silver-Copper- -Zinc-Tin Brazing alloys,Silver-Copper-Zinc Brazing Alloys and Phos-Copper-Silver Brazing alloys.Specific models have stay silv 15,stay silv and so on.Before soldering with silver solder, it is necessary to check the welding parts, especially the contact components. The contact points that are cut off from the sheet or cut from the strip shall not be distorted by punching or cutting. The brazing surface of the contact with top forging, fine pressure and forging forming must be straight, so as to ensure the smooth surface contact with the support. The surface of the solder or any radius of the solder must be aligned to ensure the proper capillary action of brazing.
Various contact before soldering chemical or mechanical method is used to remove oxide film on the surface of the weldment, carefully clean the surface of the weldment using gasoline or alcohol, to remove surface oil, grease, dirt, and prevent wetting and flow of dirt.For small welding pieces, the adhesive reservation is selected to ensure that no displacement is carried out in the loading and loading of solder, and the adhesives used are not harmful to brazing. For large welding parts or special contacts, the assembly positioning must be carried out through a fixture with a bump or groove, and the welding parts are in a stable state.
Xinxiang Qixing Welding Material Co., Ltd. has long provided various high-precision silver solder, and more problems with solder can be discussed with QiXing brazing experts.
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