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Walking into silver solder

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Silver solder is a soldering material based on silver,There are silver solder、silver solder rods、silver solder wire and other forms.It has good conductivity, thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance and high melting temperature. It is widely used in electrical equipment to manufacture open and closed circuit components.
Silver solder as contact material, their common characteristic is soldering area is small, requires brazing seam metal good shock resistance, high strength, has a certain antioxidant properties, and can withstand the electric arc, but does not change the properties of contact materials and electrical components. Because the area of the contact brazing is restricted, the solder is not allowed to overflow, and the brazing process parameters should be strictly controlled. Due to the good thermal conductivity of precious metal materials, the heating rate should be determined according to the type of material, and the rate should be controlled properly when cooling, so as to make the welding head stress evenly. The heating method should be able to achieve brazing temperature at the same time.
Xinxiang Qixing Welding Material Co., Ltd. has long provided various high-precision silver solder, and more problems with solder can be discussed with QiXing brazing experts.
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