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Those tools for electric welding

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Welders need the following essential tools:

1.Welding clamp

Welding tongs are tools used to hold electrodes and conduct welding current for welding. There are two types of commonly used welding tongs: 300A and 500A.

2. Welding cable

The welding cable is a wire connecting the welding power source with the welding clamp and the workpiece, and its role is to conduct welding current.

3.Angle grinder

Angle grinder, which is actually a small electric grinder, is mainly used to grind grooves and weld joints. It can also be used to remove rust if a steel wheel with the same diameter is replaced.

4.Flat shovel

Used to remove welding slag, spatters and welding knobs.

5. Welding rod insulation tube

Welding rod insulation barrel is a kind of heat preservation container that the welder can carry at the construction site and can store a small amount of welding rod. Welding rod insulation can keep the electrode from the oven and keep it warm to keep the electrode coating dry during use. Its internal working temperature is generally 150 ~ 200 ℃. The output end of the welding power source is used as heating energy.

6.Slag hammer and wire brush

The role of the slag hammer and wire brush is mainly to clean the surface of the weld, the slag between the weld layers and the rust and oil on the weldment. There are three commonly used slag hammers: 0.5kg, 0.7kg, and 1.5kg. The two ends of the hammer are often ground into a conical or flat shovel shape.


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