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Brazing of inductor

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The brazing process of the inductor is the key to the manufacturing quality. No matter how high the machining accuracy is and how good the material selection is, if the brazing quality is not good, the service life of the inductor will not be long.Therefore, in the manufacturing process of inductor, attention must be paid to the technology of this key process. The requirements of brazing are as follows:


1) The joint has good mechanical properties.


2) the water part is generally required to be sealed.In the process of brazing, the cross-sectional area of water flow shall not be reduced, that is, welding overflow shall not occur on the inner surface of the weld seam of the channel.


3) the brazing surface should be clean and beautiful.


The essence of brazing is to fill the filler metal to connect the two metal base metal, the base metal is not melted, and the filler metal is melted.Therefore, the melting point of the filler metal must be lower than that of the base metal.The function of the flux is to prevent oxidation, reduce the surface tension of the liquid, and increase the wettability and fluidity. In the process of brazing, the flux and copper oxide are combined into a fluidity slag, which floats on the surface of the molten pool.The flux is mainly composed of calcined borax (Na2B4O7) and boric acid (H3BO3).

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