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How to weld brass tubes

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According to the size and thickness of brass pipe welding and welding requirements, the following welding methods are commonly used:


1, brass welding wire with high temperature welding paste, this welding method is more eat technique, because the melting point of brass is relatively low, and brass welding wire such as HS221 welding material temperature is high, relatively close to the melting point of brass.

2, silver welding, according to the content can be divided into low silver and high silver welding, low silver representative 202A solder, high silver representative A203, the toughness and strength of high silver solder are significantly better than low silver, high silver melting point temperature of 600 degrees in the welding process, low silver 650-700 degrees.

3, argon arc welding, this is brass pipe is relatively thick, generally more than 2 mm brass considering the temperature uniformity control is not as good as thin material control, so the general use of argon arc welding, and brass zinc content is relatively high, with the traditional HS221 welding may have cap smoke phenomenon, welding can not be welded normally, Therefore, this general use of argon arc with vioutin brass argon arc welding wire, welding process air pressure 8L/min, welding current to open the pool as a standard (if not open the pool with flame heating preheating, or improve the power of the machine), welding technique to point wire.

4, low temperature brazing, can be used for low temperature tin alloy welding, this is for mechanical strength requirements no special requirements for the time, generally with a small flame gun or electric iron preheating, and then the welding wire coated with flux on the welding part, by the parent heat conduction melting dip flux wire forming, For example, low temperature 179 degrees M51 alloy solder with M51-F flux welding.

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