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Copper tube brazing operation process

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1. Clean up the oxide film and oil stains on the outer surface of the copper pipe joint and the inner surface of the pipe joint.


2. Insert the copper pipe into the pipe fitting, insert it to the end and rotate it to maintain uniform clearance.


3, the joint is uniformly heated with gas welding flame until heated to the brazing temperature, at this time the temperature should be about 650℃ ~ 750℃, the color of the heated parts is cherry red.


4, reach brazing heating temperature into brazing agent, (refers to the copper tube and brass parts, copper tube and copper fittings do not have to join brazing agent.)


5, with solder to contact the joint is added to the high temperature, when the temperature of the copper tube joint can make the solder quickly melt, said the joint test has reached the brazing temperature, can be heated, while adding brazing until the brazing joint is filled, forming a weld. The flame cannot be heated directly against the solder.


6, remove the flame, so that the joint in a static state of cooling crystallization.


7. Clean up the residue of the joint and cool the welding parts naturally.

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