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Welding technique of Flat welding

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Welding points:

1. According to the thickness of the plate, a larger diameter electrode and a larger welding current can be used for welding.

2. When welding, the welding rod and the welding piece are at an angle of 60~80°, which controls the separation of the molten slag and the liquid metal to prevent the slag from appearing ahead of time.

3. T-shaped, angled, lapped flat-angle welded joints, if the thickness of the two plates is different, the angle of the welding rod should be adjusted to deflect the arc to the side of the thick plate so that the two plates are evenly heated.

4. When using multi-layer multi-pass welding, it should be noted that the number of weld beads and welding sequence should be selected, and each layer should not exceed 4~5mm.

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