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How is the fish scale pattern welded by argon arc welding

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The fish scale pattern of argon arc welding shall follow the following operation points:

First, it is the most important to control the stability of the hand during welding, so as to avoid the tungsten clamp in the welding pool caused by shivering.The control method may support the welded pipe or plate with the forefinger of the welding gun.The extension length of tungsten electrode can be selected according to the depth of groove, generally 3-5mm.

Second, the method of wire transport can be selected according to the size of groove, groove Angle is small wire can be placed in the middle of the melting pool, continuous feed.When the groove is large, both sides of the point feeding wire can be used (to be quite skilled, to avoid the docking pole), welding gun around the movement to make good fusion edge.

Third, about the full fish scale pattern on the surface, according to the test competition scoring standard, TIG weld residual height is generally in 0-2mm, the surface is smooth without bite edge.

Four, the general butt welding electrode swing method has zigzag, crescent, triangle, ring, and eight!The key of vertical corner welding is how to control the weld pool metal, the welding rod should swing up and down rhythmically according to the cooling condition of the weld pool metal.During welding, when the first pool appears after arc initiation, the arc should be raised rapidly.When the molten pool is seen to cool to a dark red spot, the arc is lowered to the crater and the droplet drops overlap with the preceding pool by 2/3, then the arc is elevated.This rhythmically forms a vertical fillet weld.

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