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New welding filler material from Qixing Welding Material, aluminum alloy welding wire

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Qixing Welding Material Company produces all kinds of brazing materials. After more  than 30 years of development, our professional R&D team recently launched a new welding product: Aluminum and aluminum alloy welding wire,ER4043, ER5356, and ER4047

About  Aluminum and aluminum alloy welding wire ER4043, ER5356, and ER4047


Aluminum Welding wire characteristics: 5% magnesium content, versatility, high strength, good color after welding anode treatment.


Recommended welding method: AC argon arc welding, pure argon protection. Before welding, the workpiece weld should be cleaned. Avoid damp air, welding parts and welding wires.
Aluminum Welding Applications: Aluminum Alloy Welding - Automobile Aluminum Alloy Fuel Tank, Door, Body, Frame, Stage Equipment, Aluminum Alloy Door and   Window, Guardrail, Aluminum Shell, Aluminum Tank, Pressure Vessel, Aluminum Alloy Furniture, Aluminum Formwork, Petrochemical Storage, Medical Devices,  Ship Yacht, Transportation Facilities, etc.

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