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Favourable activity in May, with a 2% discount on various brazing materials.

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 In order to thank our customers, Qixing Welding Material Company held a favourable activity in May, which is only available in May! Among them, brass brazing alloy, aluminum welding rod, phosphor copper filler metal and regular sizes are all at least 2% discount. Copper/silver welding ring, silver welding rod, Flux-cored Aluminum Based Brazing Alloy , capillary tube ​support special size with free customization!

Now our products have already been widely used in refrigeration, refrigerators, air-conditioner, aerospace, nuclear power system, electric appliances, drilling and excavation, and jewelry, etc. Our clients are Midea Group and Gree Electric Appliances, Danfoss, Panasonic, LG, Samsung, etc. Also we export to Middle East, Southeast Asia, Europe,Americaand other regions and countries. And the products are all well-received by customers.

More offers are in progress. Give us a message! Please also check your email and phone number. Thank you for your visit.

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