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How to weld copper pipe?

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The welding process of copper-copper joint in air conditioning is simple and requires materials

1 phosphorous copper electrode,

2 The fuel is liquefied gas (coal gas, natural gas, butane, etc.),

3 combustible oxygen,

4 welding torch.Connect pipe welding torch blue oxygen tanks, red tube connects the fuel tank, check whether the welding torch is normal, if the normal welding torch we slowly open the fuel valve and light, then open the oxygen valve adjusting flame is blue flame, its first seams with outer flame will bake a little bit about the preheating immediately by blue flame heating and welding seam near the flame preheating, when red copper pipe welds after put welding seam, use blue flame heating of weld and welding at the same time until the electrode melting soluble full weld, the welding end.

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