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Can brass be argon arc welded?What welding wire should I use?Will it smoke

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 Many masters welding brass is the first thought of gas welding, commonly said wind welding, brass wire with brazing powder welding, this is no problem, the key is that we know when the brass material is not too pure, thick temperature is difficult to control uniform, it is difficult to have temperature difference to form a temperature tendency, how do you weld?I am afraid that many years of master is difficult to answer you this question?Because a key is that the gas welding is the need to talk about the maternal weldability and the tile permeability of the solder, and for the brass permeability is better hard solder is silver wire, but the silver wire is still back to the gas welding, and the cost is very expensive is not?Today Viodin welding is different from gas welding of brass with argon arc welding.


The use of brass argon arc welding: such as the repair of defects in cast copper alloy, brass handicrafts and iron, brass thick pipeline, brass thick plate connection, printing factory brass template welding and so on, these will be used brass argon arc welding, but these can not be solved or difficult to solve with gas welding.


Difficulties of brass argon arc welding:

Welding brass can be welded by brass argon arc welding, but some masters said that brass can not be welded by argon arc welding, argon arc welding of brass, the white smoke of ah!Smoked head of the brain is not good to make the hand straight shiver!Yes!This is because it's wrong to your wire, brass welding wire zinc content is higher, at the time of the molten pool for welding wire, welding wire under the action of zinc in the molten pool in the high temperature, instantaneous burning into a white smoke, toxic, and these combination welding time, then the molten pool is the most terrible of basic a mess inside, see not pure molten pool!


The solution of brass argon arc welding:


If it is a general structure argon arc welding wire can be connected with brass, rather than the brass gas welding wire, such as brass argon arc welding wire for Odin brass argon arc welding wire, this is a standard, but the welding of brass, so that, because only don't smoke, that is, no smoke, copper water to see clearly, can welding, is the truth,So many people can not weld brass by argon arc welding, not because your technology is not good, but your welding wire is not right, everyone know this?

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