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What kind of silver wire is used for copper and stainless steel flame brazing

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Our company has a piece of welded copper pipe with stainless steel joint, which goes through cooling water. We used 45 silver and 56 silver welding wires, is that correct?Which god can teach us how to choose this silver wire in detail?Then brazing by the instructions for attention ah?

Copper alloy and stainless steel welding, generally choose more than 35 silver silver welding wire, mainly the content of silver is low, and the penetration of stainless steel is not good, welding stainless steel.There is no problem for you to choose 45 silver and 56 silver. The amount of silver in the silver welding wire on the market is often not enough, so it is good to choose.Copper tube heat conduction is fast, stainless steel heat conduction is slow, welding should pay attention to this, let the copper tube more heat.

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