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Welding technology of aluminum welding

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Welding technology of aluminum welding

The conventional welding technology of aluminum alloy is flame brazing, argon arc welding and double pulse gas shielded welding.

The conventional flame brazing has the following welding methods

1. Low-temperature 580-620 degree 4047 aluminum-silicon welding wire with 201 welding powder is suitable for customers with certain basic skills of gas welding.

2, low temperature 430 degrees or so wiardine Q303 welding wire, low temperature, suitable for high purity aluminum and aluminum alloy, the higher the purity the better the tile effect.

3, low temperature 385-400 degrees WEWELDING53 welding wire, the temperature is lower, for the parent material is not picky, but when you need to welding with 53 special stainless steel root special brush welding

4. WEWELDING M51 wire at a low temperature of 179 ° c is welded together with the flux m51-f. Because of the low temperature, it is generally suitable for welding small thin pieces that are not easy to see the flame.

Aluminum argon arc welding.

The utility model relates to a welding method of fusion welding, in which argon gas is used as the protective gas, and arc welding is used to fuse the matrix and spot wire welding is performed through the principle of cathode breakage.Conventional aluminum welding equipment WSME315B,WSME400B, among which WSME500G for industrial use, welding wire is divided into pure aluminum series of 1070, aluminum magnesium alloy series of 5356,5183, aluminum silicon series of 4043.

Aluminum pulse gas shielded welding.

An impulse power source by pulse gas shielded welding, such as MIG500, 350, by high purity argon welding, dc inverse argon arc welding of molten electrode.

ER4047 Aluminum welding wire

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