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How to reweld the joint

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How to reweld the joint

Weld repair has the following conditions:

1. If the size of fillet welding feet is small, multi-layer multi-pass welding can be adopted, just like the swallow nest, from bottom to top, layer by layer to the size requirement.

2. If the fillet weld is small, less than 4-7mm, and the foot size is insufficient, it needs to be planed or ground off, and then re-welded.

3. If there are welding defects in the welding seam (such as pores, slag inclusion, cracks and lack of penetration), the defects shall be cleaned up, and the butt joint shall be beveled again before welding.When opening the groove, pay attention to the groove Angle of 60 degrees, groove surface to clean out the metal luster, avoid sharp Angle, when necessary (cast iron welding) to stop the crack.

4. When welding, pay attention that the thickness of one welding should not exceed 3-5mm, and clean up the layer.

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